The word that your cellphones T9word says when you try and type Dawg
yo FAXI whats crackin tonight
by Aaron123456789 August 06, 2006
1. a megalomaniac
2. a small asian child typically kept under ones bed
Ex. 1: Damn that guy has an ego tthe size of Faxis

Ex. 2: My Faxis was crying all night.
by Jethro May 05, 2005
Synonymous with the word cool
Yo Dawg that shit is faxi
by Faximus January 15, 2009
The worst insult ever.
Dude, stop being such a faxi
by adk11892 January 23, 2009
A nickname for an individual such as "dawg" or "lil g"
Damnnnn Faxi, watch yo mouth! or
Yeah dats whats up faxi!
by moody08 September 24, 2008

2. Has been used to mean extreme harsh words such as homosexual

3. Also meaning the number five
Dude you're a faxis.
Dude whoever wrote the first entry of faxis is a faxis.
by NateFrizzel July 08, 2005

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