a social Blunder
from the French literally means false step
The Aunt made a faux pas wen she said "you dont want nuts on it", "well Ill take your nuts" to her young nephew at the party.

IE context may be taken as in appropriate

by Gordonj63 July 31, 2006
A gay male that does not live with the family that helps a straight single woman raise a child.
I had my daughter as a single parent and my friend (who is gay) has help me raise her for 30 years! He is called Dad by her and Granddad by my grandson ..... this is what we call a Faux Pa
by Canducci October 19, 2012
Term used to describe one's step-father or non-biological male guardian. Originated by Adam Carolla via his podcast The Adam Carolla Show.
Billy: Hey Tommy, how'd you land that black eye?

Tommy: My Faux Pa just started hitting the hard cider again, it's been a rough week.
by g_parks July 02, 2012
Commonly mispronounced as foh' paw, the term faux pas should be spoken as (fucks pass').

Meaning to fuck up in a past since yet placed in the current passage of timing.

An externally viewed afterthought to a fashion mistake or similar mishap which appears undesirable.
One neighbor says to another "Get your faux pas dog off my lawn. It's annoying that it humps my yard each time it walks by."

As John walked past his co-workers, they commented that he looked better compared to his faux pas earlier when he had fucked up and buttoned his top shirt button.
by JJdaCool September 04, 2011
stepfather - literally "false dad"
"My mom got married last week. She made a faux pa."
by Zak's Dad December 10, 2005

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