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gu'.gon-sES adj.
To describe, in a shorter word, google annoyances (annoying things on and/or of google) for the purpose of text, tweet, or other character limiting req. A way to explain lacking(s) in a product or concept in reference to "goo."

gu‘.gon-sES verb.
Actions similar to that of google annoyances. Any multitude of actions that have simple requirements, yet are made overly-complex and cannot accomplish their original goal as intended.
What a bunch of googances the baseball team did, they should be able to run to first base without tripping on their own shoe laces and remember not to throw the bat at the UMP. To top it off, they all forgot their socks.
by JJdaCool October 06, 2010
Commonly mispronounced as foh' paw, the term faux pas should be spoken as (fucks pass').

Meaning to fuck up in a past since yet placed in the current passage of timing.

An externally viewed afterthought to a fashion mistake or similar mishap which appears undesirable.
One neighbor says to another "Get your faux pas dog off my lawn. It's annoying that it humps my yard each time it walks by."

As John walked past his co-workers, they commented that he looked better compared to his faux pas earlier when he had fucked up and buttoned his top shirt button.
by JJdaCool September 04, 2011

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