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A word used in Online Games such as Runescape to dodge the cuss word filtering system.
Fauk! I just died and lost my d chain!
by Scott Young April 23, 2006
Short for faux hawk. A hair style where hair is styled up and to a point; mimicking the look of a mohawk but without shaving the hair on the sides of the head.

Is pronounced similar to the word "folk"
Wow, Beckham is rocking a fauk hard today!
by Noah T June 10, 2011
(pronounced fawk)

A fail at typing something that you cannot edit (like in aim or skype) or say something wrong out loud.
person 1: /goes off to read
person 2: lol... FAUK

person 1: that's our term for underoants
person 1: *underpants
person 2: you totally fauked at typing that
by jasbot August 19, 2009
The name given to the current popular genre of pseudo folk music by bands who sing in fake Irish accents.
An amalgamation of faux and folk meaning a fake folk band.
Hey, have you heard that new fauk band, Mumford & Sons? They sound like they're from Hazzard County but they're actually from Wimbledon, SW London!!!
by Bar-M Badger May 15, 2011

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