1. Used to define, 2 or more fat people (usually women) waddling together.
Plural of fattie

2. The name given, when describing the horrific train ride you had today, when the person on either side of you, and possible in front of you, invade your personal space, and sat on your lap. They claim it is not intentional, but if you’re that fat, you should walk to work, and not allow your fattie legs to rest on me.
Jim : Are we having an earthquake ?
Brad : No, there are just 5 fatties coming towards us.

Peter : Hey man, what happened to you, you look kinda flat ?
Sam : I had these two fatties sitting next to me today, and they were so fat, they could not fit in their seat. So they hat to sit on me, with their fat legs.
Peter : Will you be ok ?
Sam : Yeah, I had to go through a decontamination.
by DrSnow April 19, 2005
Top Definition
adj. a massive but nicely shaped ass.
noun a massive joint
Yo, shawdy got a fatty or yo let me hit that fatty.
by Ghetto Fab July 28, 2003
A girl wit a fat ass that looks good. Not no fat ass girl whose ass is the size of a geo metro. Imean a nice tight, fat ass that reminds you of an apple.
Damn! That girl got a fatty!
by Remix233 September 23, 2004
Someone who is fat and is referred to as "fatty"
Or a nicely packed joint
Hey fatty, get your fat ass over here!
Yo homie, you rolled a fatty.
by Korea February 16, 2005
1. A short and wide Joint.
2. Insult towards an obese person.
1. Yo lets go roll a fatty!
2. Here fatty, come get your brownies!
by GangstaBoi February 21, 2006
Noun 1. A thick, hand-rolled blunt, often filled with marijuana adj. 1. An overweight female. 2. A woman with a voluptuous rear end. 3. (vulgar) an erect penis
Good friend, please pass that fatty. I would like to get fucked up tonight

I can't believe that I gave cunnilingis to that fatty last night

Boy Jeff, your girlfriend sure has a fatty behind her. She's swell.

Which one of you is going to suck on my fatty first? Don't be shy.
fatty(noun) - a person who is not literally fat but being called fat from the outrageous amounts of food he or she contain in a daily basis.
wow he's such a fatty... he just ate that whole enchilada yet he looks exactly the same!
by jsp009 December 07, 2009
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