1. Used to define, 2 or more fat people (usually women) waddling together.
Plural of fattie

2. The name given, when describing the horrific train ride you had today, when the person on either side of you, and possible in front of you, invade your personal space, and sat on your lap. They claim it is not intentional, but if you’re that fat, you should walk to work, and not allow your fattie legs to rest on me.
Jim : Are we having an earthquake ?
Brad : No, there are just 5 fatties coming towards us.

Peter : Hey man, what happened to you, you look kinda flat ?
Sam : I had these two fatties sitting next to me today, and they were so fat, they could not fit in their seat. So they hat to sit on me, with their fat legs.
Peter : Will you be ok ?
Sam : Yeah, I had to go through a decontamination.
by DrSnow April 19, 2005
Often used to describe a girl's big butt. Sometimes used in a pickup-line.
Damn!! that bitch got a fatty! Damn girl you got a fatty,let me holla at you right quick.
by Nick@Nite May 13, 2006
a person who loves food, not necessarily one who is fat
Rob: fatty.
by whoadudethatsawes0me October 23, 2006
Someone who is not fat, but eats a ton. They should be morbidly obese because of how much food they eat, but are somehow miraculously skinny.
Kojo eats a box of donuts after every meal. How is he not obese?! What a fatty.
by Kornelius Jonesworth February 18, 2013
A derogatory term used to describe overweight people
Look at that fatty over there she needs to lose weight
by Russo919 March 18, 2013
used to describe a large amount of dip or chewing tobacco
yo what kind of dizzle you got?
I got that mint son.
hook it up with a fatty then!
by natilight October 24, 2007
a giant blunt
oh man me and steve smoked fatty last night
by mr.weed September 13, 2013

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