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1.A short and thick penis.

2. A large dubie.
1. I walked into the stall and saw a fatty sticking out of the glory hole.

2. Pass the fatty dude!
by Sheldon J. Plankton May 18, 2014
Another way to call someone fat or obese.
Shut up Fatty, and lose some weight!!!
by kojuhuyh August 12, 2012
an adorable, cute, hug-able fat girl.
he likes his fatty friend.
by fatstar July 08, 2011
A Big Butt . Like Ghetto Booty . Most Guys Love A Fatty On A Chick .
Dayum, That Girl Hasa Hella Huge Fatty .
by SN0W BUNNY August 13, 2007
a very large wade of chewing tobacco
"damn dude, thats a fatty dip"
"yea i know, killed half the can"
by Ted March 05, 2005
Also can be large amount of dip (smokeless tobacco) placed in one's lower lip.
I'm about to put in a fatty of Skoal.
by arghx May 01, 2003
Butt, Ass, Booty
DID you see the fatty on him? Talk about bootylicious...
by DarkNova November 19, 2001