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Slightly larger than a chubby, yet not fully erect.
Damn, that bitch gave me a fatty.

Fucking Aye, you gave me another fatty.
by Spike69 August 02, 2006
11 14
someone with a huge ass, multiple chins, love handles, man tits and cant balance on a skate board cuz there so round and fat.
eric is such fatty he fell on the skateboard and his ass absorbed the hit
by g-reg r to the osen September 05, 2005
10 13
Brit- The sexiest azz chubby woman ever. You may have ordered medium size onion rings but you got King. And no you had more like 25 onion rings not 8 don't lie.Also, she is a J-O-O (cuz she has no coordination)
" YO, fatty went to burger king for some onion rings."

"Guarantee you fatty comes back with King size"
by Chubbz April 04, 2005
29 32
an unusually largly rollen marijuana cigarette, usually rolled with an extra large paper or 2 or more regular sized papers stuck together.
i like skinny bitches but ill never turn down a fatty, bitch.
by DEUCE February 23, 2005
10 13
defines a person in relation to Fatty Magee from the Adam Sandler skits. Can be used with either positive or negative connatation.
Oh fatty, you're the fattest.
by Mad Hattah July 22, 2003
3 6
a fat person
Oh my gosh!!! my Brother is so fat!

What a fatty.
by gqbui jk,xcerfs July 20, 2009
1 5
It's a fatso and very very ugly to the point where no guys would like it. It sucks at everything it does and calls itself smart even though it cheats off people.
It's a fatty
by fattymcfatfatty November 17, 2008
1 5