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princess in Japanese
"Kawaii Pinku no Koju"
"cute pink princess"
by Original Princess March 08, 2005
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A jobless derelict who hangs around the college and is creepier than an old man hanging out in a sorority.
Hey Kojo, when you going to get a job?
by Lafstudent September 01, 2004
This person from Zeke and Luther whos real name is actually Kornelius Jonesworth. Also: A person with no friends and a very unattractive afro that slaps his own butt thinking it will make him/her some friends. It does not, unless they count another Kojo as a friend.
Wow Kojo! I LOVE your afro!
by kojo123 July 26, 2011
A joke killer, someone who doesn't know what the joke is or why it's funny but will laugh at anything and everything on the off chance it is and then will retell it under the false premise of being included in the joke. They are attention whores and are often very loud as to draw attention to themselves. Regardless of where you are, there will always be a kojo.
Person: ...yeah, but you forgot to turn the oven back off.


Person: Can you tell me what line of thought made you associate what I said with that joke? It doesn't even make sense! Moreover, can you explain to me why you think it's so funny?

The Kojo: Because it is!!
by Alphaparticle April 28, 2011

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