Man snatch dude! check between your schnackel and balloon knot dog
come on it taint your nuts and it taint ur darkstar
by infamous September 09, 2003
Slightly better than awesome, but not quite up to the fatchnasty level. (see fatchnasty)
My project was fatchnasty!

Knaw, it was just fatch to me.
by trailortrashmonkey July 23, 2009
A fat bitch. Never, ever used affectionately unless it is gently mocking (1). Usually used as an insult against someone you really don't like, the lowest of the low.
Megan: Gosh, I've put on 6 pounds
Beth: *Laughs* Fatch.

Megan: You're a fatch, Beth! Get out of my life!
by Layla Perry February 13, 2009
the fat roll located above the crotch area
"OMG! look at the FATCH! you can see it through her jeans!"
by sanjia March 11, 2007
1. Pussy
2. Female Vagina
3. Bitch
1. My fatch is so tight.
2. Your such a fatch!
by Joel Then August 19, 2005
the name stems from combining the qualities of a fat minded person who is indecisive and constanly whines like a bitch. Also require consuming at least one cup of INVERTED SUGAR per day.
fat + bitch = fatch
gaspare is a fatch. Today he ate a whole box of oatmeal cream pies and made us all late by being a whinny bitch.
by F_uckg__pare April 12, 2004
Fat snatch. It's the area on a fat woman between her snatch and belly button(kinda looks like a giant snatch).
That hooker had the biggest fatch I've ever seen!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
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