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A turd. A floater, often hairy, corny, or nutty. Sometimes multi-colored and considered hazardous nuclear material.
Somebody left a sewer pickle in the shitter last night!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
Joint. Left-handed cigarette, maryjane, pot, weeeeed
Let's go smoke a jizzoint!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
This is when you're the recipient of a tossed salad and during the act you accidentaly shart.
Dude! I gave your little sister a hot fudge salad last night while your mom watched! BOOYAH!
by jeepzilla August 17, 2004
A marijuana cigarette. A large joint filled with sweet mary jane, similar to a spliff. Also reffered to as a big fat hooty rat.
I smoked a big fat hooty rat before I got my tongue pierced!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
A feminine hygeine pad. Bloody, or not. (Hey, rats sleep gotta sleep comfortably too.)
Let's shame this drunken man and stick a rat mattress to his forhead since he passed out!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
To rain.
It's about to turd float outside like a mother fucker!!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
Fat snatch. It's the area on a fat woman between her snatch and belly button(kinda looks like a giant snatch).
That hooker had the biggest fatch I've ever seen!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
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