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Euphamism/idiom used in describing someone so hot you would eat their poo in reference to the infamous "two girls one cup" video that made more people puke than Rosie O'Donnell in a lingerie... an impressive feat.
Blanka: That stripper was ridiculously hot. If she didn't have like 23 STD's I'd one cup her.

Guile: Shit that just adds to the flavor man, I'd totally 1 cup her. Sonic Boom!
#two girls one cup #waffle crapper #copulicious #feces #poo
by testicles...that is all November 04, 2007
A bra made especially for women who survived breast cancer.
"Whats with Jane these days? she seems a bit off.."
"thats just her getting used to her new "One Cup" Bra."
#one cup #cancer #bra #noob #powned
by barry mycockiner September 08, 2009
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