Late 60's, early 70's style funk rhythm guitar, often accomplished using a wah pedal and 9th chords. Listen to the theme of "Shaft."
That dude's layin down some bad-ass fatback.
by Andy December 26, 2003
Top Definition
A term of utmost hatred used to define someone with a weight problem; this term should not be used in reference to someone who could kick your ass, only in situations where the fatass is totally immobile or just a pussy.
Hateful Person: Put those Cheetos down you fucking fatback
Fatback: Dude, I'd hit you if I could get up off this bed.
Hateful Person: Yeah, you're fuckin-a right you grotesque fatback mother-fucker.
by Raagers October 18, 2004
The flab that hangs over and around the back of a fat woman's bra. Also rolls of fat that incorporate the undrarms and shoulders of said fat women.
have you seen that chick eat? No wonder she's got a ton of fat back on her.
by jotthedot March 28, 2006
A person that is so fat or overweight that they got rolls on their back. the type you would usually see on a persons stomach.
Yeah man, I saw Denise at the Hilton Party last night, she changed man. She fatback now.

Yo fatback ass

Damn, shawty been fatback since grade school

Her ass fatbacking.
by Yayo Da Don June 03, 2011
The extra amount of skin (fat) that droops over the back and sometimes sides of girls bras. Usually happens when they are too fat or the bra is too small.
"Man did you see that new girl in math? That Hollister shirt so showed off her fatback!"
by Scotty Wilson March 24, 2008
A big ass.
Boy#1:Damn look at that girl son!

Boy#2:Ugh man I know she got a FAT Back!!
by Expierence February 04, 2010
The layer of fat that runs along the animal's back. It's VERY salty, and yet you can't stop eating it.
I don't care that it's making my blood pressure sky rocket, pass me another piece of fatback!
by mima phat April 17, 2005
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