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a shaggy, highly stylized update of the classic early 90s hair disaster, the mullet; worn by hipster females
"Eileen paid $80 for her luscious new fashion mullet"
by kelli_ August 11, 2005
A mullet that is grown with the intent of being trendy, or fashionable.
...and as the sun shone down onto his gleaming fashion mullet through the t-tops on his camaro, he realized that all was right in the world, and proceeded to goodwill to find a Journey t-shirt.
by JenThe80'sFan May 27, 2004
A shaggy, hip, longer version of the traditional mullet. see mullet and white trash. the fashion mullet is sported on males and females alike, usually at shows where urban hipsters hang out. fashion mullet wearers are also prone to wear cowboy boots, diesel jeans, black shirts and have interesting tattoos.
Even though she wasn't a Gucci model, Juliette knew she was hip enough to pull off the fashion mullet.
by callista August 26, 2005
When a person's outfit appears dressed up on top, but trends towards casual at the bottom. Make-up, well done hair, a nice top, jeans and sneakers would be a good example of a fashion mullet. Business on top, pleasure on the bottom.
I wanted to get dressed up, but heels are so uncomfortable I just wore sneakers, and ended up with a fashion mullet.
by mcmegs October 27, 2009
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