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When one sends a picture of his or her genitals to a fomer collegue, co worker, or random phone number.
Although she has farved before Jenny was supprised when she was farved by Justin.
by zachattack24 October 11, 2010
The act of sending a picture of your Penis through a text message
Hope: has Tom Farved you yet?

Jenn: no just drunk texts

Hope : He's sent me Three , and his Penis looks weird.
by t@ags January 12, 2011
The act of taking a seemingly sure victory and turning it into defeat.
Did you see the game last night? I can't believed he farve'd at the end!
by badmutha44 January 29, 2010
telling your friends you can't make it, and then showing up unexpectedly
It was kinda cool when he showed up the first time, but after getting farved a few times that shit gets annoying.
by Ileftmydogoutside January 19, 2011
(v)To have taken a shit or a piss in any part of your own home, other than the bathroom.
Home owner, "Then i was all like-URH!"

Guest,"You were saying?"

Home owner, "Umm, don't look now. But I totally just farved."
by Jebudiah Springteen July 10, 2008
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