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Flip-Flopping, indecisiveness
I was farveing between getting up or staying in bed.
by Monongahela July 10, 2009
Having sex after a said period of 'retirement'.
(361): I'm retiring my vagina. Better yet I'm "farveing" it.
(1-361): Def the best call fo sho
(361): That way it can come out of retirement anytime and play for different teams. And it can wear Wranglers.
by "TFLN".com/texts/52325 September 04, 2009
when one says they are going to quit or resume a task later but they just keep at it
Mom: I think it's time for you to stop working on your puzzle and come have dinner
Boy: yeah, mom, I''ll be right there! I'm qutting soon!

twenty minutes later....
Mom: Quit farveing! You're dinner is getting cold!
by pantsoffdanceoff898989 January 16, 2010
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