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the act of farting after holding it in for a long period time, aside from the obvious relief from doing so you also feel a dry tingle go through your anus which causes a certin degree of stimilation.

most people wont admit to this, gay or straight.

tony:damn dude i just had a fartgasm, oh boy did that feel so sexual!

rush limbaugh:i blame your deviant behavour on the liberal media and you probably have had sex with bill clinton,,,,(lets one roll out!),,,oh those fartgasms do feel good,,,time for another oxy
by erik debauchery November 06, 2006
The rare incident in which an individual realizes that he/she are about to orgasm and fart at the same time. One feels confused, and can't decide from which end to fire first. The farts released during a fartgasm are usually very loud and time consuming, leaving the individual dazed and confused about what the fuck just happend. To prevent such an incident, it is recommended that you don't consume any beans on those lonely Saturday nights.
Chipper: "Dude your not gonna believe what happend last night"

Winslow: "Stacy gave you a blowjob?"

Chipper: "No man, I had my 3rd fartgasm this week. Can you believe it? I still don't know where all my load went though"

Winslow: "Hmm...that's strange."
by Peach-fuzz September 02, 2009
1. To experience unsurpassed relief from the act of flatulence.
2. An exceptionally satisfying feeling of relief and comfort after releasing a long overdue, or unusually gassy fart.

Not necessarily associated with sexual pleasure.
"I had to hold that one for so long that I had a fartgasm when I let it go."
by elemkay May 20, 2008
The end result of a particularly strong fart with enough sustained vibratto combined with the correct tightness in jeans that only affords passage of said flatulence around and over the vaginal passage which culminates in tickling the bean in that oh so special way.

The elusive fartgasm can always be identified by it's telltale sound which is something akin to a bulldog slurping up a bowl of mayonnaise.
Hey hon! Keep that broccoli and green peppers comin'. I'm in the mood for a fartgasm tonight. Woo-hoooo!!! Now crack a window, it's gonna get a little dicey in here.
by Montana Mule February 04, 2010
(fartgasmed, fartgasming) Having a fart so good the surrounding area gets insanely warm and it gives you a relaxed feeling.
Jim bent over in front of his maths teacher, before tripping him, making him fall into his butt and releasing a slow, damp fartgasm.
by Shillishous September 21, 2011
an orgasm so intense, the person farts uncontrollable; related to the shartgasm
The pleasure was so intense, she went into a fartgasmic episode!
by Rob the "Dirty Magician" October 02, 2006
When someone has an orgasm and they laugh while having the orgasm and while they laugh they accidently fart which makes them laugh even more.
Jacob: HAHA
Jacob: *FARTS*
by Khagreytits September 07, 2014
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