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1. To experience unsurpassed relief from the act of flatulence.
2. An exceptionally satisfying feeling of relief and comfort after releasing a long overdue, or unusually gassy fart.

Not necessarily associated with sexual pleasure.
"I had to hold that one for so long that I had a fartgasm when I let it go."
by elemkay May 20, 2008
An insincere request for a blow job said in a sarcastic or condescending manner.
"My boss asked me to come in for work during my vacation. I told him he could lick my knob first."
by elemkay May 20, 2008
To poop backwards is defined as the act of receiving anal sex.
"Damn that chick has an ass that just won't quit!"

"Yeah! I'd like to teach her how to poop backwards!"
by elemkay May 20, 2008
Phonetic spelling of LMK as if each letter were pronounced out loud.

-also used as a phonetic version of the abbreviation for the alternate definition of LMK. Lick my knob
1. "What time do you want to meet for batting practice? el em kay..."

2. "Shut the fuck up and el em kay!"
by elemkay May 20, 2008
Participating in the act of anal sex.
-adjective form of poop backwards.
"How did your date go last night at the steakhouse?"

"Pretty damn good. We went back to her place and she let me fuck her like a porn star. I had her pooping backwards in no time."
by elemkay May 20, 2008
Twice as good as g2g, which means good to go.
Used when pertaining to an exceptionally good deal or an exceptionally good person.
"So, did you get a good deal on that HDTV or what?"

"No. I got a sweet deal. That clearance sale was g4g."
by elemkay May 20, 2008

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