Faffing around in Car Parks, or Parking Lots. For some reason, a proportion of drivers are unable to make simple choices about where to park their car in a Car Park. One often witnesses said drivers spending minutes driving around a totally empty Car Park before eventually deciding on which space they want to park in, only to change their minds again. These persistent farpers are a plague on society, but even often superior drivers can occasionally find themselves farping, suddenly unable to choose between two identically beneficial car parking spaces.

The word can also be used to describe people who spend ages and ages perfectly straightening their car in a parking space to no perceivable gain other than it looks slightly neater.

"I hate shopping with you, you farp around so much trying to park!"

"How long has he been straightening that car? He's such a farper!"

"Stop farping about and just park the damn car!"
by Bauul Ben July 30, 2007
Top Definition
To eat cum out of your partner's butt after anal sex.
There was some serious farping going on after Mike and Angelos had anal last night.
by Chadlev March 07, 2007
Fapping+Farting... when you fart while masturbating.
"OMG I wound up farping last night and totally ruined my own mood!"
by Lucie B. June 01, 2015
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