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A game where you grow virtual crops and raise virtual animals on Facebook. An ok game except for the fact that it has no storyline or plot except for the idea of owning a farm.
I used to play Farmville until I realized it was just another plotless, antisocial Facebook game.
by picklessuck April 29, 2010
17 10
1. A surprisingly addictive drug administered by via internet. Many junkies use the term "Farmville" to cover up the real name : nicolanstrateefuckinwasteoftime igottacheckmycropssinceimtoolazytogetalife.

2. A place where lazy turds go and raise virtual animals since real-life animals tends to kick'em in the face.
1. Dude! i gotta go check on my Farmville! Gonna get some crops!"
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
18 12
a largely addicting game played by millions of idiots who pay real money for pixel animals on their screen......most can also be found on irc chat....if you know someone playing this game, take away their pc as they are probably just a step away from beastiality
Hyuck i play farmville to look at those hotass sheep
by pixel killer April 07, 2011
5 0
When you get on facebook with a cob of corn up your butt.
Brad: Hey Jake, wanna go play some bball.
Jake: No bro, I'm getting a farmville.
by doodoobrown1995 September 13, 2009
72 68
Another word for Farmville. The most idiotic game on Facebook, as far as I know.
OMG! My BF skipped our movie date to play Farm Ville! D:<
by ShadowForgerCerelia November 27, 2010
2 0
Four major Sororities were founded in Farmville at Longwood University. The sororities are Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Kappa Delta.
Hello Farmville is like sorority holy land!
by NPC ladies rock November 22, 2010
6 4
A game that makes you procrastinate and it is extremely addictive :P
I was up all night playing farmville so i didn't do the homework
by Angel of love_Demon of hate January 09, 2011
4 3