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One's collection of products by Apple.
"Are you taking your entire bushel today?"
"No, just my iPod."
by Harley & Ross August 24, 2008
Pubic hair, generally on a female. The full version of "bush".
"Dude, she's got like a full bushel"
"No way?? And you still got with her?"

"She's a feminist. I mean like, she goes full bushel"

"I haven't shaved in like two weeks. I'm starting to grow a bushel."
by Lipstickandpaint October 07, 2015
Group of skinny African-American gentlemen with afro-esque hair who when standing in close proximity resemble a bushel of wheat; a group of black people.
"I walked past a bushel today and they all stared me down."
by kijipanda July 11, 2014
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