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To take something from someone or to benefit from a situation.
I'm bout to go meet up with this girl I just booked; REAP!
by Kent Rd. May 13, 2006
Very Powerful Figure in Todays society, Respected by millions, Praised by many more. A Master of all Skills Known to Man, and a funny guy :)
I wish i was as good as Reaps
by Johnny July 23, 2003
To mock, flame, or insult with the intention of making oneself look better than another, or with the intention of benefiting from the situation.
You and your friends use hacks as well and then reap on other people for doing it, it's just retarded.
by Previsible September 30, 2006

A term commonly used while playing Resident Evil 5; taking items RIGHT after your partner opens crates,boxes, or barrels and you take the goods regardless if you need them or not.
You just gotten out of a huge battle against zombies, and you see some crates, as soon as you break it open, your partner dashes over to your spot and takes EVERYTHING they can get their grubby little hands on. and you get nothing.

by Tedizt720 July 20, 2009
When someone kills a joke you say 'reaps'. This comes from the death persona of the Grim Reeper who kills people.
Joke Teller: yo momma is so fat she makes jabba the hut look anorexic!

Friends: hahahahahahhaha

Joke Killer: hahahha i get it it's because jabba the hut is actually fat so his mom makes him look really skinny because she is so much fatter!

Everyone else: ...reaps
by jp12 June 18, 2009
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