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The act of covering one nostril and blowing hard out the other one so as to dislodge mucus, a booger, or oter unwanted material.

See also snot rocket and air hankie
Dude, you got any kleenex?
Farmer Snort saves the day!
by cyberpunk42 May 15, 2005
4 2
Plugging one nostril by placing the index finger on it while blowing out the other one in order to discharge nasal mucus on the ground. The "farmer snort" is a quick, efficient way to blow your nose. Unfortunately, it's also a quick, efficient way to guarantee you won't get a second date either.
Damn, Frank was pretty glued when he was at Mike's house. First he farted out loud, then he did a farmer snort on the living room carpet. Mike dial toned him on the spot.
by Frank Klaune May 01, 2005
125 74
The retards' way of saying farmer's blow.
Joe: Hey, Jim, you got that farmer snort all over me.

Jim: You dumbass, its called a farmer's blow.
by jakrel May 16, 2005
30 9
Also called a snot rocket
I launched a snot rocket into the flowerbed. My wife had a fit.
by Acemery May 15, 2005
5 1
pluging one nostril and discharging snot out the other. see snot rocket. can also be used for entertainment purposes.
johnny hit the bum from the 5th story of a parking garage with a massive farmer snort.
by anti May 14, 2005
1 0
plugging one side of the nose while blowing really hard out the other in order to clear the nasal passages. AKA snot rocket.
person 1: Do you have a tissue?
person 2: No, sorry. Looks like you're just going to have to do the farmer snort.
person 1: damn, i hate bowing snot rockets, i always get boogers on my hand!
by aleckss May 14, 2005
1 1
Same as a Bum Blow:

To blow your nose, one nostril at a time, without benefit of a handkerchief or tissue.
The homeless man placed his index finger against his nose and did a bum blow onto my widshield after I refused to make a donation.
by Marty Keane May 14, 2005
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