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1. A person devoid of any redeeming characteristics.
2. Someone who consumes valuable resources without contributing anything to society. A bum. A drain on the economy.
2. Having the qualities of the above.
1. That fat bastard is a goddam wast of space
2. Grad students are such a waste of space
3. I spent the day napping instead of cleaning. I'm just a waste of space.
by cyberpunk42 February 09, 2005
The act of covering one nostril and blowing hard out the other one so as to dislodge mucus, a booger, or oter unwanted material.

See also snot rocket and air hankie
Dude, you got any kleenex?
Farmer Snort saves the day!
by cyberpunk42 May 15, 2005
A bucket or trash can used for human waste, ie vomit, urine, poo, etc.
Billy's gotta ralph, grab the mung bucket!
by cyberpunk42 February 13, 2005
Someone who draws a living off people without offering service or making a product. A bum.
After college, I spent 8 months on my parents' couch wondering if I was a drain on the economy
by cyberpunk42 February 09, 2005
1. A jerk. An annoying or obnoxious person.
2. A person who doesn't respect others
3. A selfish, rude, or inconsiderate person
1. Dude! Don't invite that crack neck to the party, we' ll all suffer!
2. That crack neck just cut into my lane without signalling.
3. Karl is such a crack neck. He showed up to my formal party wearing sandals drinking Boone's out of a brown paper bag.
by cyberpunk42 February 09, 2005

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