A fart with a bit of doo-doo sparkle.
I just farkled in my underpants.
by kelsiecole July 05, 2011
A really addicting game that can get can competetive with your friends.

A game played with 6 dice.

A game played on Facebook.
Yo, man, I was playing Farkle and I got a high score and Steve had to go and get a higher one.
by Cassie_yo January 11, 2010
The name of Zog Sports indoor soccer team, formerly known as ZS WEIS 27.
The Farkle team scores both on the field and off.
by DANKSODA February 21, 2010
A word you use in place of a swear or curse. Sometimes used when in the presence of respectable adults or small children, or if you just don't feel like swearing.
What the farkle?

Go farkle yourself, you farkleface.

Farkle you!

What a farkler.

Oh farkle, I lost my farkling wallet.
by Jebediah's Cat May 15, 2011
The process of playing "Rock, Scissors, Paper" in a best-of-three series. The term originated from the animated series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
"Let's farkle for first dibs on the pizza"
by David Mulder February 16, 2005
the origin of the game rock -paper -scissors.
I'll farkle you for shotgun
by rossta January 26, 2005
(n.)--one who bears the qualities of pale skin, red hair and freckles.

also see: farkel
dude 1: Hey, did you see that Victoria chic?
dude 2: The one that looks like a speckled Casper?
dude 1: Yeah, but she's still a hot ass farkle!
by drewbers November 16, 2007

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