(n.)--one who bears the qualities of pale skin, red hair and freckles.

also see: farkel
dude 1: Hey, did you see that Victoria chic?
dude 2: The one that looks like a speckled Casper?
dude 1: Yeah, but she's still a hot ass farkle!
by drewbers November 16, 2007
The term used to describe what happens when a clown gets diarrhea.
Bob the pedophile clown farkled his pants after eating a bean burrito.
by TransMayernik April 22, 2005
an expression used to describe what happens when you laugh so hard while drinking that it comes out your nose.
Kathy: -laughing histerically-
Gabe: Dont farkle Kathy!
by Kay-Spaz April 24, 2005
1. used in place of fuck
2. hatred or annoyance
Oh, farkle! damn this sucks
by Dave January 24, 2005
A mixture of a fart and chuckle/ cackle.
You just farkled on Johnny's face!
by Africanbootyscratcher August 31, 2015

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