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alternate for "fuck"
What the farg are you talking about?
It's farging hot in here.
I am going to farg the shit out of that chick.
by Matt December 03, 2003
A farg is a fart fog. A fart that lingers longer than normal. It hangs around like fog.

Joe farted 5 minutes ago and it is still lingering around!
I just walked into a farg.
by VictorTheGeek March 06, 2014
Noun. Used to describe a 16-35 year old male or female who is required to wear a diaper as they cannot control their ability to deficate. Generally, this is a result of having too much anal sex. Typically applies to those living in Rural or Northern Ontario.
"That chick got whacked from the whole football team. She's probably a Farg now".
by pontypo August 04, 2010
Someone who likes to gamble and works at a casino. This person enjoys wearing fedoras.
Dude, stop playing that poker machine over there with that fedora on. You are turning into a Fargs!
by John Reed 1 January 09, 2015
Someone who is not actually gay (a.k.a. a fag) but who shows fag-like tendencies.
Matt: "Dude, you're totally being a farg!"

Greg: "I know"
by ScarletLedder May 05, 2010
Something or someone that is walrus-like; also see fargular.
Ew, I just had to sit next to a huge, sweaty farg on the bus.
by Iamgood March 26, 2007
Antiquated Viking terminology for a homosexual
Look at the way Rathguard buckled on his buckler. He is such a farg!
by JohnnyDubs516 November 24, 2015
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