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4 definitions by Iamgood

1. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material featuring globular objects.
2. The presentation or production of this material.
3. Basically, pornography with round or fat things.
Chubby chasers might dig porbography, but it just freaks me out.
by Iamgood March 26, 2007
33 22
Having the appearance or demeanor of a walrus. See farg.
Despite being morbidly fargular, Star Jones managed to land a job on The View.
by Iamgood March 26, 2007
6 1
Something or someone that is walrus-like; also see fargular.
Ew, I just had to sit next to a huge, sweaty farg on the bus.
by Iamgood March 26, 2007
13 35
Short for porbography. Porn with globular objects.
It's really embarrasing when you're caught looking at porb on your computer.
by Iamgood March 26, 2007
422 603