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Someone that constantly jacks off to anime.
"Yeah, that fag Alex is a total fapanese. He's always downloading shit like cartoons of Pikachu yiffing that one homo from Pokemon and Sailor Moon with a huge dick eating shit."
by Paki Stan June 22, 2005
Japanese people you would fap to.
"Want to see my Fapanese list?"
by fapfapfap June 04, 2009
You are fapanese if
A - You watch porn of someone of Asian decent, or if you fap to any depiction of an Asian.
B - You are an Asian who makes porn.
C - You have had sex with an Asian or, informally, if you would like to have sex with an Asian.

It is an offshoot of the term wapanese.
Ron is such a fapanese with his Kristin Kreuk crush.

My school ought to be called Fapanese High because everyone has done this slutty Sakura chick.

My school ought to be called Fapanese High because of this hot Sakura girl everyone wants to do; but she is a Christian so no one has.
by x.L.x June 08, 2010
The art of performing a ritual between two people, using Japanese elements such as sashimi covering the body while holding wasabi at the tips of their chopsticks. For full effect, please wear Japanese Kabuki makeup.
Hey baby lets perform some fapanese in my dojo to psy's gangnam style.
by BBJ Pokemon master September 11, 2013