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5 definitions by fapfapfap

Japanese people you would fap to.
"Want to see my Fapanese list?"
by fapfapfap June 04, 2009
19 11
All-natural, free moisturizer for your lips that most would only use if they're are out of chapstick.
"My girlfriend needed some fapstick last night, so I'm a little tired today."
by fapfapfap June 04, 2009
13 6
The event of something unfortunate occuring to a person while fapping.
"I had the worst misfap the other day."

"What happened?"

"My parents caught me masturbating as they came into my room to tell me they were getting a divorce."
by fapfapfap June 04, 2009
7 2
someone who wanks (faps) a lot.
"dude your such a fapster, your floors are all dirty and the carpets are stained"
by fapFAPfap September 03, 2012
2 4
The best stuff on earth.
"No thanks, I'm not thirsty right now, just had a

by fapfapfap June 04, 2009
9 27