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any form of material used when fapping. Varies from boobs to cartoon boobs.
Now that girl over there is major fap fodder!!
by ticktick667 July 23, 2008
Something you will use to masturbate to later.
"I looked up and her tits were right in my face. This is going to be great fap fodder for MONTHS!
by onewetleg September 18, 2011
When an attractive female is added to an otherwise nerdy or geeky element. Most prevelent fap fodder can be found at E3, in the form of Both Babes. Other forms occur when said female brings game updates or news. While some attractive females may play games, the ones that don't but are paid to pretend they do are noticable.
"Why the fuck was Marisa Miller on Spike's coverage on E3? She only Fap Fodder
by Garrence June 20, 2010
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