Just another 90's fad. A fat pack worn around the waists of usually gay men.
What's he hiding in that fanny pack?
by GuidoPosse69 January 27, 2005
its like an extra pocket you where outside of your clothes.
"what does our gym teacher keep in that damn Fanny Pack.?"

"zebra cakes, vodka, and scotch. Oh and bandaids."
#pocket #storage #compartment #old #weird
by je$! July 08, 2009
Its the fat on a person that hang over their crouch.
Guy1-Dude check out that chick.
Guy2-whoa what the fuck she has a fanny pack
Guy1-fureals dude fureals.
#muffintop #flops #flab #extra stuffing #good god
by Gravity661 November 29, 2009
A fannypack is a group of fanboys and/or fangirls who are avid supporters of a person, place, thing etc.
Apple computer fannypacks line up to buy the new IPhone 6 at The Mall of America.
Bodyguard protects musician from rabid fannypack.
#fanboy #fangirl #fandom #fan #fanmania
by JB Buttle July 14, 2013
Someone who insists on drinking only "pepseh"(aka pepsi) and seems to always be "busy" doing chores or work-related activies, but is really doing one of three things

1. Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2. Playing the same game, but on computer
3. Rubbing one out.
You can usually spot a quote-on-quote Fannypack by his complainning, agressive nature or yamaka.
Dave- " Hey, you guys all wanna hang out later today?"

Scott-"Yeah i can."

Rush-" Sounds good to me, bro."

Nate-" Nah sorry I can't. I got stuff to do."

All Three- "God Nate, your such a fannypack."

Nate-"Shut up, fags."
#chi #city #mayne #pedophile #jesse
by eh-ho-ho...duster August 24, 2010
When a woman has a huge bulge of fat under the belly button that is obvious to the public.
"damn, she's over weight, and has a fanny pack!"
#fat #fanny #pack #woman #gross
by b3@st2305987 January 24, 2014
To conceal an item by stowing it under one's taint, utilizing the rear of the scrotum as a means of securing the article.
The theif attempted to fanny pack an avocado from the convenience store.

I will fanny pack that reefer into the venue.
#fannypack #fanny pack #conceal #taint #gooch #briefcase
by Chet Erickson July 03, 2007
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