The name used within gangs when refering or talking to one another.The word is a mixture of the words gang and family.So you would only refer to a Real Friend as 'fangle'. Can also be used as a greeting or farewell within the gang.
"whats good fangle?"

"he's part of the fangle"

"Im just here with the fangle"

"yo fangle have u got a cigerette?"

"Im off see you man later. FANGLE!"

"you cant bring it to the fangle"
by notyou!! April 15, 2010
Black guys running trains on willing girls.
Marly and Lyndsay were fangled by that large group of black guys last night.
by lalaloodlela October 03, 2009
(verb) - using two fingers (preferably the index and middle finger) to tickle the bottom of someone's testicles.
"Yeah, my girlfriend Bob fangled me so good last night."
by og.milk September 14, 2008
to bend, to mess up, also see fangled
lets go fangle that fatass
by bazoobie February 12, 2004
Fat-Angle = fangle
this is when in a photograph you appear to have a roll of fat somewhere i.e. a double chin
hey look at that fat chick!
uh, no, thats just some bad fangle..
by paddy (word from charlie..) June 22, 2007
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