Top Definition
spastic dancing you do with your blonde lover in your spare time
"Wow, Look at Ryan fancing with Sydney"
by Ryyyyan December 12, 2007
To physically combine dancing and farting
I cant believe she farted as she twirled and called it fancing.

"Yes she just fanced"
by toiletseatgoesdown January 30, 2015
the combination of farting and dancing
Helga was fancing all over the dance floor.


Helga why are you fancing? -To get rid of the smell.
by Helgaaaaaaaa May 21, 2011
fight dancing
"i was in the middle of extreme fancing when my dog knocked me over"
by playmaker03031 November 01, 2011
Finger dancing.

Dancing solely with ones fingers.
Jimmy was already in bed but he wanted to dance, so he did some fancing.
by GreenLightRedLight March 29, 2010
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