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When a person dresses sluty or something then you ask to take em home and they say i'm not that way
Guy:Damn girl your fine, come home with me
Girl:What do you think just cuz im not wearing underware I'm a slut
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
8 9
when a chick looks hot with sunglasses and takes them off and is ugly
she looked banging outside, but when she came in the building and took off her glasses, she was hella false advertising
by bleezy3 January 07, 2011
1 3
when someone or something can be misleading in a certain situation
Moms pulls into McDonald's

Girl: Hey mom are we goin to eat here?

Mom: No I gotta use the bathroom

Girl: False advertising
by Boredingplainjane July 29, 2010
1 4