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Someone that claims to be more than they actually are. They act "as if". They also want people to follow them because of their inflated self image and misrepresented self worth.
Don't idolize the false prophet for this is surely the path to hell.
#faker #wannabee #falsie #fakie #phalse profit
by Timptashun January 24, 2007
Muhammad is the false prophet of the muslims. He invented his own religion, Mohammedanism, when he realized that Christians and Jews would not accept his delirious dreams of being a prophet. A cut-throat, nasty terrorist, the inspiration of Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. A goat-smelling, camel-raping, pedophile.
Muhammad is paradigmatic false prophet.
#muhammad #mohammed #antichrist #pervert #killer
by Iblisatan May 16, 2009
An individual that leads others towards a belief of recovery, hope or progress. They are false so they indeed have to use antics like comedy, good charms, teaching history and other methods of men to keep their audience captivated, entertained and misled into feeling that they've actually witnessed or achieved some kind of significant measure from their participation.
False Prophet: I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that! Follow me I will show you the way to prosperity!

Audience: *cheers gratefully from some smelly stadium*

False Prophet: Look at my man in the moon display! Behold its twisted symbolic imagery for your eyes to take in. It is beautiful."

Audience: "Wow Glen that is amazing, how do you do it?"

False Prophet: "Beats me I just make up shit as I go, but whatever, you'll buy it and eat it and love it. Watch me crack a joke now!"

Audience: *Claps and whistles excitedly*

*Glen Beck cackles as he baths in his piles of piss-stained gold*

False Prophet: "Ah hah ha ha, I am so great. I love being me. They think I am doing good in the world" *ROFL*
#wolf in sheeps clothing #misleader #misinformation #snake #serpent #deception #ignorance #mindless amusement
by white whale July 07, 2013
One who claims to have taken an immaculate shit without verifying the authenticity with one flawless wipe.
Ron told Jordan that he had an immaculate shit earlier that day. Jordan asked if he had double-checked his accomplishment with a courtesy wipe to which Ron replied, "No. I guess you think I'm a false prophet now?"
#immaculate #shit #poop #toilet #crap
by DRod3 September 02, 2008
One who relies on smoke and mirrors to win over supporters. Typically promises impossible results with no clarity of how they will be achieved.
Barack Obama is a false prophet. He talks a big talk of "change" but has no feasible methods for obtaining this "change."
#barack #obama #song #dance #smoke #mirrors #i #drink #your #milkshake
by Elizabeth Dole September 17, 2008
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