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In a manner characteristic of black people, a mannerism of the colored.
Jesse Jackson dances when he walks, one of his many niggerisms.
by Iblisatan January 13, 2007
The toilet or latrine, or in general, a place where one defecates.
Please wait for me, I must go to Turdistan.
by Iblisatan January 22, 2007
An institution of Higher Learning for African Americans. A community college. A place that grants diplomas written on toilet paper. A negroversity.

Niggerversities are characterized by their left-leaning activist faculty, their low standards of scholarship, and their vampirizing of public funds in their rallying cry of diversity.
Howard University is a famous niggerversity, much akin in quality to Community College of Philadelphia.
by Iblisatan January 15, 2007
Latin for "willful cunt." A derogatory term for malevolent, evil, conniving women. A harpy.
Karen is the paradigmatic pudenda voluntariosa, she follows in the footsteps of legendary Lucrezia Borgia, the sister of Cesare Borgia (Bojar).
by Iblisatan February 07, 2007
Pertaining, or relative to, Arabs, or by extension, muslims.
Muhammed, the Holy Prophet of Islam, raped with sandniggerian hatred, all Christian and Jewish women he found on his path.
by Iblisatan January 17, 2007
A book of incantations and spells for lesbian witches. A butch necronomicum or holy book.
Rosie O'Donnell invoked the lesbianicum while uttering punctus-gallicus incantations against Donald Trump.
by Iblisatan January 13, 2007
Characterized by a singular stupidity or lack of logic. Bird-brained.
Carolyn beliefs in socialism are truly birdenesque.
by Iblisatan January 20, 2007

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