Fallout II is a post-nuclear role playing game in which you play the part of the chosen one, the descendant of the Fallout I game, who must save his tribal village from destruction. for this, he must search fot the GECK, a holy artifact that can bring life to the wasteland. it´s a really cool game, get´s you out the dungeons and puts you in a dying and hostile wasteland filled with mutated beasts, wild-men, and there´s also a whale.
Come in Chosen One. there are things you must know...
by OMeGA August 02, 2004
A game series developed by Interplay, Black Isle and 14 Degrees East, it is simply the best gamme that has ever existed. Every moment spent playing it, every second of watching some Enclave fuck's body beign minigunned to bits was good. Oh so good.
*Norg hit Raider for 33 points*
by Bojan May 22, 2004
May become unconscious
Have a temporary loss of consciousness
Have a syncope episode
Do not work long in the sun without drinking lots of water, you’ll fall out and get hurt.
by gort September 30, 2004
1. fallout is an airburst of biological pathogins, Nuclear bombing, or chemical toxin properties on earth.
2. a popular video game series made by interplay gameing studios, or bethesida game studios (depending on game).
Person- Must kill super mutant... NAO!!!!
by MASTACHIEFPWN May 09, 2009
action verb specifically describing a drug overdose, usually from heroin, benzodiazepines, or a combination of both.
I think she's about to fall out from that dope she just shot.
by mcGherk July 30, 2006
the effect that can be observed during or after an event, an aftermath (from the dust and debris left by a nuclear explosion)
The Great Depression was the fallout of the Stock Market crash.
by The Return of Light Joker November 01, 2007
The Fallout series of games are "A Post Apolyptic Role playing Game", made by Black Isle.
by SenorDingDong September 15, 2003
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