Fallout is composed of radioactive particles that are carried into the upper atmosphere by a nuclear explosion and that eventually fall back to the earth's surface.
After the nuclear explosion, fallout effected a mass area and inflicted ARS to many civilians.
by DaVylan November 30, 2009
Not going as planned; a dud; mostly to describe the state of of something (but mostly plans).
"Hey so what are you doing this weekend?"
"Well I planned to go to a pretty sick party on friday but then my friend who I was going with and providing my ride flaked on me last minute. I also planned to just hang out with some friends saturday night, but that got canceled as well. I was looking forward to a good time but it just turned out to be a fallout weekend."
by Stellakvif April 07, 2011
The dramatic events and controversy that follow a surprising, important change, statement, or revelation.

Derived from the name for the radioactive particles that fall from the sky for some time after a nuclear explosion.
After the prime minister revealed he had been working alongside the banks in actions which precipitated the current economic crisis, there was massive fallout which resulted in a general election.

The president and cabinet were forced to resign due to the fallout after an insider leaked secret files to WikiLeaks.
by Rhodoferax January 12, 2011
1) To fight or argue with someone.
2) A video game based in the future, where you live in 'Vaults' and you try to escape to the polluted world outside (nuclear bomb war)
1) Jenny: I wish you'd shut up! *pushes*
Carl: *slaps*
Jenny: I'm going to fall out with you.
2) Ryan: Hey, have you seen that new video game Fallout 3? It's awesome dude.
by Clean¦Writer November 02, 2008
a fallout is a post-apocalyptic area or an entire world,
"this place looks fallout"
by brincent January 25, 2016
The half burnt weed from a cashed out bowl that is found in an ash tray. Often smoked when you no longer have any fresh bud. Has the potential of getting you extra high because of the high resin content, much like a roach.
"Dude I am out of weed! All I have left is this fallout in the ash tray."
by Hunter S. Zombie November 21, 2011
of military origin esp. U.S. Army...
1. to break ranks
2. to step out of formation
3. to be left behind because your fat ass cant keep up
4. to anounce ones exit
5. to quit drinking. vomit, or pass-out
private partz fall out
im gonna fall-out
dont fall out you fat fuck or im gonna PT you to death!
Jones fell out and puked all over the cab
by major tom June 12, 2003
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