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an event, object, human, or skill that is considered to be to be of elite significance to the related culture (see cool) or above the norm (see kickass). Derived from the fact that the word fallopian just auditorially sounds like it should be used in this definitive manner.
This is so fallopian -- I can't wait to see Barry Manilow in concert!
by John B. F. Carbaugh April 24, 2008
All-female punk band, recorded the fun "Dammit, Eat Your Pudding" LP on crack.
"Fallopian are a rockin' band!"
"Yeah, I went to their show. it was crazy radd"
by Sarah666 December 07, 2007
Omnipotent boogie and rhythm.
David has a fallopian style.
by DIMH! December 05, 2006
A term used to describe someone of Filipino origin, usually to cause offense.
"Shut up you stupid fallopian, learn some goddamn English and stop your spam"
by I'mnottellingyou January 24, 2006
A word derived from "fallopian tube" which is used to describe London's underground train network tube.
Are you going on the fallopian tonight?
by Juls August 27, 2004
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