Telling someone who is all up in your grill, to 'Fuck off'.
John, 'Yo fam, seen you looking at my boo- what ya' playing at?!'
To which Ben replies, 'Mate, fall back, don't know what you're talking about!'
by Eliza- August 13, 2011
Slowing down your walk in order to look at a girl's ass. Occurs mostly in school in the middle of the hallway.
Bobby: Yo, you watch the game last night?
Jim: Yeah dude, did you see tha-
*Hot girl walks off to the side*
Bobby: Dude, Fall back
Jim & Bobby: Dat Aaass!!!
by MuthaFuckinFinn June 11, 2014
To leave a potentially violent situation before it gets out of hand
John: Yo I cant believe that fool trying to play me like I'm a sucker.
Rob: Yeah man that's crazy, what you gonna do?
John:I'm just gonna fall back and let him play hisself.
by True to life January 18, 2008
having someone that you would date if you're current relationship fails.
If Tess ever dumps me, I would probably go out with my fall back, Megan.
by guesswhoassface February 29, 2008
When you retreat in battle, but not completly. When you fall back in battle, you retreat to a position and than continue fighting. Retreating completly is when you abandon the whole thing.
Mulholland: Fall back! Fall back, men! Now! Move! Move!...
*After falling back*
Mulholland: Lie down here! Lie down and load! Lie down and load! Load! Load and fire! Quickly! Blaze away, lads! Do it, boys! Fire, boys. FIRE!
*After a few minutes of firing and suffering tremendous casulaties*
*"Every Man for himself" officially makes it a retreat*
by Jedi_Master June 17, 2008
To tell someone they're wrong.. I don't care nemore... Or to leave it alone
ayO leave me alone & fall back already!
Ahhhhh your wronggggg so fall back!
by Melah August 07, 2003
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