AKA the "vampires" in Twilight... especially Edward Cullen.
Edward Cullen - "this is why we dont show ourselves in sunlight" *glistens like a fairy*
by bigdickballa-hangdowntodaknees December 30, 2009
1. a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having a smaller version of the human body with small wings protruding from its back and possessing magical powers of somekind and frequently cause problems for their prey.

2. the object of many of Amy Browns paintings.

3. beautiful little creatures found fantasy novels and stories that often lull children to sleep.
1. "I swear it was that fairy! The gold came from the fairy!"

2. "Have you seen Amy Brown's latest? It's of a night flyer fairy...."

3. "And the little fairy said, 'Go to sleep and dream of peaceful things,' And the child went to sleep..."
by crys_tal July 05, 2005
A mythical creature often found in fantasy stories. These creatures are well known for being the whores of the fantasy world, and are often idolized by nerdy men, ages 13-45.
"Peter Pan has a weakness for fairies"

"Christopher bought a sports illustrated calendar: fairies edition"
by sho2008 February 29, 2008
A person who, when walks in the sunlight, glistens brightly. They have the ability to walk or run fast, climb trees by bear crawling, and usually suck dick.

Sometimes confused as vampires.
Edward: "I'm a vampire, Bella."
Bella: "You suck cock, not blood. You're a fairy."
by SpIrItx13 September 28, 2010
generally of uk southern origin, a fairy is someone who lives in the London catchment area or within an hours drive, thus gaining a Mockney (mock cockney) accent. Usually can be found ordering a shandy in any bar or pub and being generally offensive to any surrounding patrons in the public area. Renowned for replacing U's in swear words with A's.
"alright you fackin cant, oi'll ave a lager shaaaaandy, gav'nor!"
by rich March 27, 2004
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