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To be gay with one's self. Also to have "gayness".
Man, he is very fain with Joey.
by kazudevil11 April 22, 2007
6 29
1) A cockmaster

2) A true G

3) Someone who invites friends over so when they're asleep he can take pictures of them and secretly fap close to their heads
Example 1

Guy 1: You're a cockmaster, Fain
Guy 2: Safe as fuck

Example 2

Guy 1: That goal was G, you're a G Fain
Guy 2: I know

Eample 3:

Guy 1: Oi, did you go round dave's house yesterday?
Guy 2: Ye, he was a right Fain, I woke up and his cock was really close to my head, and he had his camera out
by Cockmaster123456789 April 05, 2007
21 27