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marijuana or to smoke marijuana
You got any fenner fains. (noun)
Fenner Faining tonight? (verb)
by Schubes November 11, 2004
a way of saying good-bye
A: I'll see ya tomorrow man.
B: Aight peacer.
by Schubes November 11, 2004
another word for cigarrette or the act of smoking a cigarrette
Dude you got any snigglepuffs left, cuz i'm all out? (noun)
You should quit snigglepuffing man, it's not good for you. (verb)
by Schubes November 11, 2004
something positive and awesome
Hey man i just had sex with my girlfriends mom. It's soooo good to hear it.
by Schubes November 11, 2004
an insult used when someone (me) is completely hammered
Justin you're a fucking issy.
by Schubes November 14, 2004

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