A person who goes to college and loves it so much that they find themselves unable to return to the real world, and remain living at or around their college forever.
"Oh he's cute I wonder what year he is"
"Oh that's Garrett, he graduated like 6 years ago"
"What! I had no idea he was a failure to launch"
"Yeah I guess he just wasn't ready for the harsh reality of the world outside Example University."
by groñi March 15, 2012
Top Definition
when a relationship stalls in the initial stages and you somehow end up being friends instead
me and natalya failed to launch...there just wasn't enough chemistry...you could say we had "failure to launch" because Urban Dictionary has a retarded need to have the exact wording of a definition present in the example.
by penguinopolipitese August 15, 2007
To plan an event down to the very last detail, only to be blown up in the end by a single variable gone wrong.
Suzy: Ok, got my cell phone, keys, car, and purse. Good to go! Me and Mark are going to have so much fun!
*Ring Ring*
Mark: Yeah, uh... I can't make it to the party. My mom broke her leg and I have to take her to the hospital. Sorry.
Suzy: *calls her BFF*
Danielle, Mark is blowing off the party! *cry cry*
Danielle: Girl you just got a failure to launch.
by Locknëss of Anub'Arak June 02, 2009
when a girl can get the guys penis "up" because of her grossly, disgusting looks
molly i cant get hard because your to damn ugly. ther fore causing a "failure to launch"
by justin gib November 20, 2006
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