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A 'man' that is 100% gay. Not a lil' bit gay - no a HUGE gay. Its only too obvious, even tho not necessarily by acting female and stuff.
that fagola thinks that women are trees.

The fagola took a triple emena before he inserted both hands and legs in his ass.

why dont all fagolas just become women and... hmm bad idea never mind.
by kukel June 13, 2003
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A person who is overtly interested in things normally associated with gay men or is acting somewhat effeminate. Used as if to asked a question about the sexuality in general of the person acting gay. Popularized by Mel Brooks in "Robin Hood: Men In Tights"
"You cried during The Notebook? A little fagola?" Pronounced "Fay-go-lah"

by There's something about Gary... November 01, 2007
A mexican faget
did you hear about that guy that tried to hop the mexican border but got shot in the head" "yeah what a fagola
by Valtrex boy July 16, 2011

Another way of saying fagtastic.

Incredibly stupid, or gay.
Dude, that movie sucked so bad, it was fagola.

God, those guys are fagola.
by dj four February 11, 2004
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