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A straight man who is unwillingly considered to be extremely attractive by homosexual males. A conjunction of the terms "fag" and "magnet".
Carl: Hey did he just check you out?

Brad: No dude, no way!

Carl: He DID! You must be a fagnet!
#fag #magnet #buff #fittie #fitty
by Schmuall August 15, 2007
Fagnet: a person who is sexually straight but always attracts homosexual people. a magnet for homo's
Micah said "Jay no matter what bar my (straight) nephew goes to if there is a guy in the bar who wants cawk there on him almost instantly!" Jay replied "oh snap he's a Fagnet; ya know magnet for fags!"
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by J. Holland December 08, 2005
A guy who attracts homosexual guys like a magnet. Usually the fagnet is not gay himself.
Sally: Hey Tim, wanna go to the gay bar with us? They always have better music there.

Tim: Love to, but I'm a real fagnet. I always get molested when I'm there. Think I'll pass, but have a great time.
#fag #magnet #gay #attraction #queer
by Lex Sleuthor June 06, 2009
A straight male whom gay males are strongly attracted to...
My boyfriend John is a fagnet--the gays just love him!
#fag #magnet #attraction #gay #homosexual
by Wosefole April 06, 2009
A person, in this case a female, who somehow attracts gay men. Not always in a sexual way, but in ways in which a man who was questioning their sexual orientation before meeting this person, figures out they're gay and reveal their orientation to said person before anyone else. Typically this sucks for the female, as 90% of the men that have come out to this female are very, very attractive.
Kyle: Paige, I need to tell you something. I just figured it out, and you're the first person I've told this to.

Paige: What is it?

Kyle: I'm gay.

Paige: Oh my gosh, you're the 10th person to come out of the closet to me first this past year! I'm such a fagnet!
#fag #magnet #faggnet #gays #paige
by IisTooCute:)( June 25, 2010
(n) a straight guy who is considered VERY attractive by homosexual guys--so much so that many will openly flirt with him. frequently the fagnet will get more attention from men than from women and subsequently feel like he would have better luck on the dating scene if he were in fact gay.

etymology: combination of the words "fag" and "magnet"
guy 1: i don't like this bar. tonight, 3 girls have told me to drop dead and 4 dudes have smacked me on the ass. that's like a negative track record.
guy 2: dude, you're just a fagnet.
#gay #flirt #girls #luck #magnet
by jodyOs March 31, 2010
Going out to meet hot the opposite sex and only being able to attract the most flamboyant people of the same sex. Thus, keeping you from getting laid.
Chris, everytime we go out dudes are always hitting on you, your such a fagnet.
#fagnit #gay #heterosexual #homosexual #pussymagnet #ladies man #player
by enola em evael July 24, 2010
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