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(noun) A fag magnet; One who attracts homosexuals. Used in reguards to sissified actions/mannerisms being acted out by a straight male. Term usually labeled by a friend, but can be from enemy.

(Verb) Fagnetize(-d)(-ing) - To make a fagnet; impose fagnet-like qualities; cause fagnet-like appearance.

(Adj.) Fagnetized (-ing) - Appearing fagnet-like; resembling a fagnet; is acting/has acted like a fagnet.
(noun) Ex: "Look at Joseph. What a fagnet!"

(verb) Ex: "Joseph, don't fagnetize my dog by doing that."

(Adj.) Ex: "Joseph makes that shirt look all fagnetized when he wears it."
by Home O. Fobe July 19, 2004
The attraction of homosexuals to a hetrosexual male.
This guy asked to show me mine again.
Really that's sick.
Yea, I'm a fagnet.
by foug March 25, 2003
1. A woman traditionally referred to as a fag hag, but who is much too beautiful to be called a hag. Often, she is surrounded by many gays. Derived from the words fag and magnet.

2. Any beautiful person, male or female, that attracts homosexual men.
"Girl, you are so fine, and you always have a gay guy at your side; you are such a fagnet."
by wallen December 19, 2005
The information super-highway homosexual people use.
Matt Lee surfs on the Fagnet.
by Jason January 28, 2003
They're faghags but they actually ATTRACT homosexual men.
"OMG all of our friends are homosexuals!! We are such fag magnets. No wait, we're fagnets!!!"
by MS & SGH13 April 26, 2007