the act of being gay and aggravating all at once. when someone gets on your nerves and is being a homo, this word should be used to describe them. good for moments with people who are extremely not all there.
person 1: " so like, would you ever fight a UFC fighter?"
person 2: "no... they're a U-F-C fighter."
person 1: "well like, what about one of the lighter weights?"
person 2: "NO! they're a U-F-C fighter. god your faggravating!"
by Andy Bowden November 14, 2007
Top Definition
(adj.): Used to describe a homosexual person who is considered annoying or aggravating
Homosexual guy(in girly voice): "Your hair is so pretty, Janette! I wish mine was as pretty as your's!"

Janette: "Thanks!"

Straight guy 1: "Dude, I hate hearing that homo talk."

Straight guy 2: "I know, man. He's so faggravating."
by The Original Taterbug July 02, 2009
1) To be made aggravating by unneeded complication.
2) Confuckulated processes seemingly designed to cause frustration.
The new standard operating procedure for version control is faggravating.
by Seneschal November 20, 2007
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