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Janette \JAH-nette\, n. orig. Heaven
Janette is the name bestowed upon the most amazing, delectable and awesome female human beings. It is a word that can also be used to describe awe of the female kind.
1. Janette rocks my socks.

2. Whoa, look at that girl. She's totally like a Janette.

3. The Janette is overwhelming me!
by QueenJ April 19, 2006
Rude ghetto black girl from the hood
"Woah have you seen janette ?" "yeah! I heard she's hella rude"
by Thrasherscum August 12, 2015
kregs best friieend,(:
janette and kreg, were walking down the hall?

by kreg6086 August 14, 2010
janette = hooker
as in prostitute
janette = hooker

hooker = someone you pick up on a corner
by dickard24 September 09, 2007

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